A Brief Description of Services


Initial Intake

A clinical interview/intake session provides the psychologist with an opportunity learn a wide array of information about the individual some which include the following: development, medical history, academic, social-emotional history, substance abuse history, trauma history and the strengths and resources of the individual being served.

Psychoeducational/Learning Ability Evaluation      

Psychological tests used to analyze the mental processes underlying your child’s educational performance. Typically includes intellectual testing and achievement testing.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation               

A set of assessment procedures administered to obtain information about an individual’s unique intellectual, personality and emotional functioning, as well as educational performance.

Comprehensive-Trauma-Informed Psychological Evaluation with Projective Measures

A set of assessment procedures administered to obtain information about an individual’s unique intellectual, personality and emotional functioning, as well as experiences. This type of evaluation will identify how multiple life domains are/are not impacted by traumatic events. The results of this evaluation can assist in diagnostic decisions as well as treatment planning for the individual.

Psychological/Diagnostic with Projective Measures                              

A set of assessment procedures designed to measure emotion, motivation, and interpersonal skills, as well as specific aspects of personality, to clarify diagnoses and assess the scope and nature of a person’s or family’s disturbance and dysfunction. This psychological/diagnostic assessment utilizes both objective and projective measures. The objective test requires the respondent to make a particular response to a structured set of instructions (e.g., true/false, yes/no, or the correct answer). A projective test is given in an ambiguous context in order to afford the respondent an opportunity to impose his or her own interpretation in answering.

Psychological/Diagnostic without Projective Measures                              

This is the same as the above, but only utilizes objective measures. 

ADHD Diagnosis Evaluation

This targeted evaluation provides the information needed to clearly differentiate and diagnose ADD/ADHD disorders verses other factors that can cause inattention, impulsive behaviors, and poor concentration. This is useful for those considering medication for ADHD.

IQ Testing

IQ Testing includes a brief background developmental history and one measure of standardized IQ. 


Frequently Asked Questions


 How long before I receive my report?  You can anticipate receiving your full report within 4-5 weeks of your final session. We can attempt to accommodate if you need your report sooner. Talk with your Clinician about our “Rush Service.”

Does the report serve as official documentation of my disability? Can I use it to get accommodations? Psychological Report’s officially document existing disabilities and diagnoses and provide official recommendations for accommodations and support. 

How long do appointments take? Appointments can range from 1-3 hours and may require up to 4 or more total scheduled sessions. 


What to Expect During the Testing Process


1.  A consultation and clinical interview session will occur prior to psychological testing will begin. 

 2.  Complete review of relevant previous records such as report cards, individualized education plans (IEP/504), relevant medical records, letters from teachers or administration reports, self-reports, and clinical observations, etc. 

 3. Validated assessment/tests measures will be conducted face-to-face.

 4.  A detailed written report outlining findings (strengths and weaknesses), relevant diagnoses, as well as specific recommendations. 

 5. A Feedback session, during which, the report is reviewed, interventions and referrals are discussed to aid you with the recommended interventions and plans of actions.