Couples Counseling and Parenting

Parenting and couples counseling is where you and your partner work together to improve the quality of your marriage and/or relationship while integrating new parenting strategies to enhance your family dynamic. This approach helps you and your partner to recognize and resolve conflicts while improving your relationship. In addition, this service looks at your current parenting techniques and how this impacts your relationship and how your parenting styles impact your children. Through couples counseling you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship or working towards an agreed upon resolution. In addition, it redefines your current relationship and your role within your relationship. Couples and parents participate in a combination of talk therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy. It is strongly believed that integrating horses into the counseling process increases the ability to resolve conflicts and learn behavioral interventions that are unique for you and your family. 


If we commit to do what is right, regardless of personal cost, our relationships will prosper.
— Andy Stanley